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1907- Took a world tour with his wife where they visited 17 countries

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Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh was born as the third son of of Raja Ghanshiam Singh Bahadur of Mursan in the Aligarh District of the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh.The title of Raja Bahadur was conferred by the Moghul emperors on the head of the family.As the British appeared in the beginning of the 19th century the state opposed them.A war occured and the state was defeated.The chief was left in the control of a couple of hundred villages but he lost the ruling power.The title of Raja Bahadur was recognized and is still continuing in the family.When he was just 3 years old,he was adopted by Raja Harnarain singh Sahib of Hathras.This family also fought against the Britishers but lost the principality in1818.Maharaja of Hathras Raja Dayaram (Grandfather of Raja Harnarain Singh) fled to central India.His son helped the Britishduring the”Sepoy mutiny”of 1857.As a reward to his unpatriotic services he got the title of Raja and somevillages inAligarh,Mathura and Bulendsher districts.He died before he could enjoy his estate.Tradition says he died a broken heart.He hoped that his ancestral state of Hathras would be restored to him,but he got only a few villages.His widow adopted Raja Harnarain Singh who in turn adopted RajaMahendra Pratap Singh.

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