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Hathras : Raja Daya Ram

Ancient Hathras-part of Braj Hathras is an ancient town of the Brij MandaI. Braj is Puranic word denoting an area, which was also known from the earliest times respectively as : Madhya-desh, Brahmarshi, Shursen. Mathura-Mand, and Braj. ‘Braj’, nomenclature has been explained by Sir Henry M Elliot by an anecdote by which ’84 Kms around Mathura is Braj’ when Mahadeva stole all the cows of Sri Krislma, Onmi-present Krishna created same number of cows who went on grazing exactly at places the earlier ones were grazing; the area since then was called Braj , Braj was, in a way, related with the area in which cows grazed freely and in course of time this became synonymous with the area which we now identify as Braj. In another related anecdote, Dr. Ram Prasad Tripatlll, related that the area of ‘birija’ is braj. The Purans treat ‘birija’ a female companion of Radha. Radha and Krishna use to meet daily. Once when Krishna found Radha absent, he took ‘birija’ for his company ; meanwhile Radha happened to come, and as he sensed her arrival he withdrew to be unseen, and ‘birija’ out of fear of Radha’s contempt, became the river flowing in the braj mandaI. This ‘birija’ is Jamuna, and the area it flows is Braj. This Braj – MandaI was defined by Sri Narayan Bhatt around 1560 AD, in his book, ‘Brij Bhakti Vilas’ by a sloka : Barhad village in the east (six kilometers from Hathras, near Sasni), the bank of Son river in the west (in Gurgaon), Bateshwar in the south, and Bhushanvan in shergarh pargana in Uttar pradesh are the 4 extents limits of the 84 kms of Braj-mandal.Hathras was thus part of the Braj.


One more thoery also says that Braj is a piece of land,it is considered to be very narrow,comprising of mainly Mathura,Brindavan,Gokul,Mahaban,Nandagaon,Barsana,Girraj.


84 also means 12 multiplied by 7.It means all months of the year and 7 days of the weeki.e. unlimited time. 84 also means that al together there are 84 species beleived tradionally.


84 is also 4 * 7*3. Four means the four corners of earth and seven is the oceans and 3 is heaven,hell and earth.hence 84 means everything and hence Braj is universal.


Hathras had not settled by the time Sri Krishna was born in ‘Dwapar’, It is proved by traditions that relate that when Mahadev Shiv alongwith concort Parvati, were on their way, to have his ‘darshan’, to Gokul, Devi pravati felt thirsty. The place was dense forest, and neither any river nor any water source was visible. Then Mahadev created water from his hand and quenched her thirst. He then left her on the spot for taking some rest, and proceeded alone to have Krishna’s darshan. The place where Devi Parvatii quenched her thirst and rested in the forest was later the site where a temple of Hathurasi Devi was built, around which, the present Hathras town developed.


A little later Balram. Krishna’s elder brother, who is the area God of this part of the Braj, while on his round killed a demon by name Kol, after which Kol, the present Aligarh was settled. When Balram proceeded to have a bath in the Ganga, he, in the name of his brother Haridev (Krishna), settled Harduaganj. Kol was part of historical epochs as they appeared and vanished, the Kushans, the Mauryas and Ashoka, the Guptas, and then Harsha of Sthaneshwar and Kannauj, followed by the Arabs and then the Moghuls. Hathras flourished alongwith. There are traces of ancient Jain sculptures in Hathras. It appears that there was an ancient fort in Hathras at the site of the ruins of the modern day fort, and the Dauji temple. Hathras is situated in lat. 27.-35′-31 “, and long. 78.-6′-9″, at a distance of 34 km from Aligarh. and 47 km from Agra.


Genealogical Tabel of the Thenua Jat Rulers of Hathras Estate:

Thakur Nand Ram died 1696

Thakur Jai Singh died 1749

Thakur Baran Singh died 1768

Thakur Bhuri Singh died 1775

Raja Daya Ram Singh died 1841

Raja Govind Singh died 1861

Raja Har Narayan Singh (adopted) died 1896

Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh(adopted)died 1979

Raja prem Pratap singh died 1945

Presently Raja Amar Pratap Singh


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pmv2It was founded on May 24th 1909 by Raja mahendra Pratap singh. He converted his own residence into a technical school which stood beautifully on the bank of river Yamuna in the holy land of Vrindavan. PMV was one of its own kind and one of the first polytechnic institution in India. More


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