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Prem Dharam

Prem dharam is a modern religion.It’s founder Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh travelled the whole world,met people of different back grounds,caste,religions.he discovered there was a common thing which bounded all and that was when in Babar mahal,Afghanistan in 1916 he discovered the idea of Prem Dharam.In less than a year he completed this book and named it “Prem Dharam” or “Religion of love”.
The book made a big impact on the afghanistan’s royal family.Many restrictions on hindu people were removed.Crown prince Inaytatullah khan was so impressed by the book that he wrapped the book in a silk cloth and sealed it in a glass box along with the holy Quran.


Religion is eternal. Religion always remains in God.But according to time and according to the necessitiesof
the universe it appears in different forms. Now that very eternal religion according to the present time has come with the name of the religion of Love, and to remove the present evils of time is its duty, and those special evils of the present time are as follows:
I. Man has very often become irreligious, he has made egoism and sexual desire his God.
2. Between man and man differences have appeared, that is to say betwep-n religion and religion, nations and
nations, castes and castes and among the so called black, white and yellow race hatred exists.
3. Between women and men differences of right are in force. Woman has been made either useless or the slave of man.
It is hoped that everyone, who will read .or hear this religion will, according to his capacity and religious progress, try his best to act up to it. Never shall he quarrel over its words. He shall accept its spirit and as much as possible he shall continue to better mankind.


Health The first advice
Education The second advice
Knowledge The third advice
Service The fourth advice
Happiness The fifth advice
God The sixth advice
Object The seventh advice


The First Advice:
O reader! Thou mayest think either of God or of the world, thou mayest meditate either on the problem of soul or body, thou mayest ponder over the future or the past but remember that all thy imaginations, the power of medita­tion and even thy who1e wisdom-all depend upon thy brain and thy brain acts according to thy health. If thou art not healthy or if thou dost not try to be healthy, then thou canst do nothing useful now or in the future, There-fore, if thou wantest thine own progress, or if the service of religion is intended by thee then before aught else, keep thy health, and if thou hast already spoiled thy health, then try again to regain it.


But it lust not be understood that by health is meant, that thou myest very often fulfill the sexual desire with thy mate, nor can that be called health, that the heart may always be attracted. towards evil thoughts. He alone is healthy who,keeping his body in a healthy state, can have so much control over his heart and brian, that keeping himself aloof from evils he may ever progress towards, goodness. If thou wishest to remain healthy then learn to ‘can’trol the mind and act according to the best possible rules of health. Considering improper egoism, lust, falsehood, anger.false love, envy, harted and over ambition for position and wealth, disease; remedy them and keep thy body clean;
eat, drink, sIeep and work at proper times, Never allow, dirt to lie about thy house, lane or town nor must thou ever so act, that thine own or thy neighbour’s health is spoiled.But, 0 sick .man! Thou shouldst not despair and must not understand that the healthy alone can become religious. No! religion sees the state of thy mind. If thou, trying thy best to be healthy, fully servest the religion from thy side, without doubt thou wilt receive the highest reward of service, Thou wilt receive the same reward which the healthiest can receive after the highest service of religion, because the reward of charity of four farthing or of a thosand silver coins is not calculated according to the amount, but according to the state of mind. With whatever one works according to that he receives the reward.


The second advice :
Keep thy health and educate thyself. Read, write. see the world and try to make the world a little better by thyexperience. There is no limit to education or to service of religion through education. So long as the senses are
working, education is acquired and also the service of religion can be done. If according to the state of health the
brain works, then without doubt, according to education alone the brain can reach the results. For the brain, education
is food, education is the medicine, education alone makes the brain, without education the brain is called the empty drum. All the progress of religion or of the world depends upon the progress of man, and the progress of man is calculated according to education. The broader is the education, the greater is the progress accomplished, and as much as is the ignorance so is the backward state.
Therefore, to acquire all the different sciences without bigorty, thou must consider the duty of man and never must thou keep the human race unbenefited from the oldest or most modern learning. If thou art healthy or if thou art trying to be healthy and art ever acquiring more and more education, then thou art certainly nearing the goal. And if thou art not already religious, or if thou art not even serving the religion, even then thou must believe that as soon as education becomes sufficient, thou wilt come to the correct path and then thou wilt be able to do some real service to the universe. But, 0! ignorant being ! Thou also must not get disappointed. Thou must not consider that an uneducated man can not serve the universe, and cannot make perfect progress and therefore thy life is lowly. No! Thou can at once deserve the same reward which can b.e obtained by the most learned. If’ thou art honestly trying thy best that thou mayest remain healthy or acquire health, and ever dost thy best to acquire a little more education without fail, and according to thy health and education thou also servest the regilion, then how can anyone obtain greater reward than thee ! For have we not already said that the religious reward is calculated accordingto the spirit of mind.


The third Advice
The object of health and education is true knowledge.So long as true knowledge is not achieved, one should consider
health and education defective. As health gets in order, and as education gets gradually broader, or at once
on getting some special education or experience, knowledge as a rule is acquired. One of the greatest works which
religion performs is that it helps man to easily acquire true knowledge. Religion, according to time, makes us understand
that every man should not think of his profit and loss individually. Man should know that his real profit or loss consists in that in which lies the profit or loss of the whole of mankind. And because man is in advance of the whole creation-every man is most progressed among dust or stone, grass or trees, insects or reptiles, animal or birds, as if, man is the brain of the bodily creation of the world -therefore, in the profit of man is the profit of all, and in the progress of man is the progress of al1. Man by progressing onward hestows happiness on himself and the universe. Whenever a man considers his profit individually, he stands in the way of his own progress and delays the attainment of perfect happiness. In short, this is called the true religious knowledge that man may know this and may begin to believe it firmly, that to think of profit and loss singly
and individually is sinful, and the very first duty is even this, that he may consider his profit and loss in that in which may be the profit and loss of all. O reader or listener if thou hast not attained this correct understandinll,then in its search, acquire learning,read,write, live in good society, see the world,get experience and making thy health better, ever continue thy exertion till thou attainest this true knowledge, and if so account of health and learning or experience or religion, thou hast already acquired this true understanding. or may ever receive it in future, then know this, that in thy progress toward health and learning is the profit of all, always keeping thy health, acquiring more edncation than what thou hast at present, keep thyself engaged in the service of religion. Do not sit
idle, do not stop-life is a name for work and progress.

The fourth advice
Observe what all the religions teach thee. From the beginning of the world, what is being taught thee. Has it not been revealed to thee that what one does according to that he receives his reward? The good achieves good and the bad receives the bad results. All the religionshave expounded that by doing such and such work thou shalt be benefited and by doing such and such work thou suffer loss. Thou hast been taught that if thou wilt be kind to the poor, if thou wilt serve man in trouble, then thou shall receive happiness; and if thou wilt wish to blow thy own tune wilt give pain to others for thyself,
wilt express unreasonable anger, wilt deceive or wilt speak falsehood orwilt swallow others’ possessions, then shalt receive the worst punishment. What is meant is that by taking care of others, by serving others, thou receivest the reward, and in this manner, thou also makest progress for mankind, and even this is called religious service. To keep health, to acquire education and to attain the true knowledge itself are pointed out as necessary for this reason, that thou arming thyself with these instruments may well wage war against the pain and ignorance of the world. By increasing happiness and learning of the human race thou mayest further the real progress of the universe, and in this manner making progress may attain the object of life. If thou wishest reward, if thou meanest to serve religion, if perfect happiness is thy object, then all that is necessary is to serve others and only for others remain alive. By doing, this,reward will come of itself, the religious service is even this, and in the end what doubt can there be about the perfect happiness?

The fifth advice
Know 0 reader or hearer! Verily all that thou seest, all this is one. The whole universe is one state of theonly one life. In this two things, two souls, two bodies areentirely not. The different objects that thou seest, theseare merely the different waves of the one life. Thou thyself art one wave of this. When this one life wishes for pleasure, than a universe is created. The universe is the means of pleasure for the one soul. The first creation shapes itself according to the first will. In the creation
exist all those qualities which exist in perfect life and evil is only an unavoidable result of creation. As one wave creates the other wave, so in the same manner, the first wave goes on creating the other waves. What, seest thou not, that from one thing the other and from one pair another go on being created? The beginning of one thing is mostly according to its previous things.The birth of one man is mostly according to his parentsand the acts of the neighbours and this series is in all
cases eternal for the universe. All that was created or is created or shall be created leave behind the waves of their actions, and these waves of actions go on creating good or bad effects in the universe, and go on giving pleasure or pain to the only life. The whole life is the universal object, to understand it perfectly by a finite brain is entirely impossible. The mountains, the oceans, the earth, sky and the other millions of creations, nay not only that-innumerable worlds many of which are
many times larger than this world, what are they doing and in what manner they are giving pleasure to the eternal life is very difficult to say, If thou canst understand so much that thou art a part of the only life and workest thou according to this highest knowledge, then thou shalt never have individual pain or trouble. Thou shall also be able to enjoy the pleasure of the Perfect life and this lone is perfect happiness.

The sixth Advice
At the time that shutting the eyes of your mind you will fall into a blind train of thought, then you will feel your own self or your own wisdom, but whenever you will see a little of the universe through the eyes of your mind, you will see that in the world there exist millions of men like you, everyone of these can think and contemplate like yon, every person has his own wisdom, according to his thoughts he is also busy in his work; not only man, there are in the world billions of such insects
and reptiles, birds and animals which like you eat and drink, they derive enjoyment from their existence, give birth to offspring and in this manner keep on the continuity of life; whenever you will think about the body of the least of these, that in what manner in this tiny body the organs of eating and of giving birth to offsprings are playing their parts; what of of these when you will contemplate that the worlds like yours are hundreds of thousands and even thousands are Suns and these also are doing their work, these bodies of billions of tons just like a particle of sand obey a set of rules; when you will
see all this from the eyes of your mind then you will be able to understand that you have no reason to be proud of you individual self No, you may eyen in your wisdom consider the universe contemptible, but for how manydays? Of course for only a few years! But the world which is working for millions of years and the universe which is doing its duty for billions of years, before these what are the extremely temporary man and his wisdom, they in thtir best wurkshops can not Create the least new life without the help of nature? When you will ponder over these facts in your mind then only you will understand
a little your relation to the universe. In that case by saying or thinking tl:at this Universe is meaningless and has come into existence by chance — without thought or consideration– will be showing your own thoughtlessness and foolishness. When you see that the smallest particle of sand and the bodies of billions of tons obey a set of laws, when you can see that there is no object in the universe which does not obey certain rules, then you should believe that the universe is build up on an extreme order and this you can easily understand that to give an order, thought and consideration is necessary. This is
the same thought. and ccnsideration which first gave the order to the un,iverse, that keeps and shall ever keep every particle in order, By that universal thought and consideration stone is hard, water is water, air is air and by the very thought and consideration your heart beats scores of time every minute and keeps blood in motion and preserves your life. In short, every where and in every shape that very thought and consideration exists and even this tlhought and consideration is

Om, Deva,Love,Allah,God.

The seventh Advice
All that exists in the Universe is one. One alone is the body, one alone is the soul, one alone is the spirit. It is not right to understand separately: the body, the soul and the spirit. Body, soul and spirit are one, alone one. The only universal thought and consideration exists. God, alone God, is every where. AIl of you exist in Him. All of you are his waves,-God himself has created these waves, that he may have pleasure. It is your duty to give pleasure to your whole soul. From those works, which you call and consider good, the whole soul derives pleasure and from those your works which you caIl and consider bad the whole soul suffers pain. The good works are only those by which you and your neighbours derive real pleasure and bad works are those by which you and your neighbours may suffer in the end ,pain or trouble. Every one gets real pleasure from true and holy love, and real pain results from the absence of love. True and holy love bestowes happiness on God. On account of true and holy love God has created the universe. For the sake of true and holy love the universe exists. True and holy love is the standard by which the actions of creation are judged. According to true and holy love all receive
their reward. On account of true and holy love alone in the end God, uniting the whole universe together, enters rest because ,in reality,the holy and true love alone isthe object of the universal,eternal and only God, ,and this
is the object of man,–Om, Dera, Love, Allah, God,

Revelations in

Answers and questions

1. Question: What is man ? Answer: A wave of the universe.

2. Question: What is the universe? Answer: Whatever is seen or is not seen, all this is the universe.

3. Question: Who created the universe? Answer the only God.

4. Question: Why did the only God create the universe?
Answer: The universe is the means of pleasure of the Eternal Life.

5. Question: From what has the Eternal Life created the universe?
Answer: The infinite being has given his own self this order or from.

6. Question: When did he shape the universe and when will it end?
Answer: When the absolute God wished for pleasure he created the universe when He will wish for rest the Universe will end and again on wishing for pleasure. He creates the Universe, this is the law of God.

7. Question: If man is only a wave of the Universe and the Universe is a form of God, then man has no separate existence, whatever is, is God alone and therefore, whatever happens in the world God himself performs and in such a case man is not any doer of good or evil. Then why man suffers gain or loss, pleasure or pain?
Answer: Man has been given such a power by his absolute soul, that he can think and consider or you may say this, that man has taken wisdom from the total wisdom so that he according to this wisdom may perform his duty-may bestow happiness on his absolute soul. And because man is a wave of the universe, is a part of the universe, every action of man influences the whole body of the universe, his every motion prints a print in the book of universe and according to these marks his absolute soul receives pleasure or pain, and man feels gain or loss and pleasure or pain. For example, as by receiving a prick of a thorn in hand the self feels uneasiness and the hand fells pains, or on wearing the correct shoe the self feels satisfaction and foot feels comfort.

8. Question: In the world there are millions of men and in numerable worlds are said to exist in the universe, then of what importance has an action of a single man- what influence can the goodness or evil of a single man have on the universe?
Answer: Drop by drop the ocean is formed. Secondly do not forget that man has a special position in creation. Man is as if the king of the world. Man has a shore in the total wisdom. Therefore every man has a special rank in the universe.
Verily, even every man’s least action influences the universe- it certainly gives pleasure or pain to God.

9. Question: If God suffers pain from the bad actions of man, then why does he allow man to do bad actions?
Answer: God regards a set of laws. According to a set of laws he builds the universe, according to a set of laws he works the universe. According to law, God has made man one of the best of His pleasure and even according to law He has made man free in doing good or evil. But according to law, through religion He prevents man from evil and teaches man the duties of man.

10. Question: What is religion?
Answer: Religion is the word of God.

11. Question: There are many religions in the world and one religion is not like the other, in such a case which religion should be considered the world of God?
Answer: There was only one religion in the world and there is only one and there shall remain only one. These many religions, different as they appear to you all, these are different forms of one eternal religion, which according to different times and places were manifested.

12. Question: But there is the difference of principles in religions, for example one says, God created the universe -God is the master of the universe and one says that God and the universe are one. How is it possible to consider them the different forms of one religion?
Answer: Think a little. See what is the object of all. The object is that man realising his relation with God should see above the confusion of egoism and sexuality. Leaving out the consideration of his person he should learn to think of others, avoiding falsehood, anger, envy, miserly nature false love ambition of honour and wealth and obeying, justice truth, mercy, forgiveness, sacrificing himself entirely for others, may ever do with love the service of mankind. It is the duty of man to keep himself busy in bettering mankind, To teach this object all the forms religion exist. To explain this object all the incarnations and prophets appeared. Whether God has made the universe or God and the universe are one, all these thoughts had to be said an will have to be said to expound the object of the eternal religion. To make unnecessary discussions on these points is not the work of religion. For a religious man it is only necessary that he, according to his wisdom, understanding his relation with God should make the service of mankind his duty, and having firm faith in the fact that as one works so he receives the reward- for good action one receives good and for bad one receives the bad result- always avoiding evil may ever do good and good is even this that one may ever busy himself in serving mankind. In the improvement of mankind is the improvement of the universe and in the improvement of the universe is the pleasure of God.

13. Question: If some one should say, I do not care for mankind. I only believe in my nation, country or religion and wish to serve these, what shall one say?
Answer: Say -If you are doing real service to your nation, country or religion an also recognize the rights of other nations, countries or religions, then you are doing real service to mankind; because for any heavy work the division of labour is necessary; And if you consider other nations, countries and religions useless or only for your own benefit and want to play the tune of your own nation, country or religion, the you will suffer los from other nations, countries and religions. Even if you will be able to give some trouble to others, you will also have no peace. The priceless world of God will suffer loss and no one in the end shall benefit. Nations, countries and religions at enmity are like bloodthirsty animals. Humanity and true religion can neither take root nor exist in warring nations, countries or religions.

14. Question: If some one takes a special stone for God and considers its worship his whole religion, then does he not commit sin?
Answer: Without doubt he commits sin. That is to say, by such a thought he and the universe suffer loss because the law of the universe is that as one keeps his ideas limited even so he will become limited, and as much as one realize the universal soul and body, and will get united with God, even so much he will attain greatness an liberty. If you will see the history of the world then you will find even this that whichever nation broadened its views overpowered other nations, but now the time has come that even the whole mankind broadening its views, knowing the law of the universe and realizing the human law, may thus exert itself that every individual and every nation keeping their own freedom may live happy and progressing may make mankind happy.

15. Question: If it is a sin to accept a stone for God and worship it, then by this standard the Hindoos often commit sin. Is the Hindoo religion to be considered a religion or not?
Answer: The Hindoo religion is a religion. According to the Hindoo religion you are certainly not told to accept a tone for God and worship it as such. If some one calls himself a hindoo and worships a stone believing it to be God, then he without doubt acts against his religion. By that there can be no objection raised against Hindoo religion. That man who, taking a stone for God, worships it certainly commits sin and he will surely suffer punishment for it. There is no doubt of that.

16. Question: But is it not written in the Hindoo religion to make and workship the idols of Rain and Krishna ? Do not the Hindoos worship Shiva and Devi? Are not the stones of Bhairon, Chandi an Sheetla worshiped by the Hindoos in different places?
Answer: The Hindoo religion is a very ancient religion. It has been bestowing satisfaction, for thousands of years. In it different thoughts have been expounded to satisfy the diff rent degrees of intellect. In the Hindoo religion the highest thought, that there is nothing besides God, in all places, He alone, He is, has been related in full detail. Or the high teaching that God in one alone and He himself has created the universe has been taught in the Hindoo religion. And men of both these ideas are present in the Hindoo religion. Those who worship the images of Ram and Krishna often do not worship those idols of stone or metal, but by seeing those images they remember in their mind Ram and Krishna, and because they see in Ram and Krishna the incarnation of God or the Divine Glory therefore they in reality worship the only one God alone. Many of those who worship Shiva and Devi believe in Shiva or Devi as their only God so that they, realizing the only God as mother or father, worship god by these names and the form are often only kept up, to cent rate ones thoughts. Of course these these who append useless stories to Ram, Krishna, Shiva and Devi and bring in their mind meaningless thoughts or worship the stones or idols of Chandi, Bhainro, Sheetla etc., without doubt commit sin, and for their sins the ancient Hindoo religion has suffered.

17. Question: Why have the Mussulmans, who have the high thought of only one God, fallen to a sad plight?
Answer: That sad plight which is the lot of Mussulmans is not due to the high thought that there is only one God. This very thought gave them birth, made them progress and made them once the rulers of the world. Their downfall is due to those very causes which often produce degeneration of the nations and harm the universe. Do you not know, that many Mussulmans, establishing “Ziarats” in different places have made the tombs and stones their God ? Then do you not know that some time Mussumlmans are known for cru-Ity in spite of the fact that the only God has often said in the holy Koran that God does not like the oppressors and the chief quality of Mussulmans has been said to devote ones self to worship and by giving. “Zakat”, charity, to serve mankind. Moreover, it should not be for gotten that sexuality and falsehood are also degenerating many Mussulmans.

18. Question: Europeans who, as a rule do not follow any religion and many of whom consider this world all in all, why did they progress and why could they overcome even the religions nations?
Answer: Firstly, to say that Europeans are not the followers of any religions is wrong, Often they are the followers of the Holy Christian Faith and there is no doubt that the chief reason of their progress has been some high ideals of the Christian religion. Then, many of the nation that they overcame, were in name alone religious, but verily, had become irreligious and if now among the European many such men were found that they considered this world all in all then behold that the result of this and of robbing the freedom of other nations is the present war and blood shed.

19. Question: What sort of is the Buddhist religion?
Answer: Verily, out of the ancient universal religions only four are left Hindooism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam and what other old religions are seen, appeared only for special limited circumstances or had appeared only for the help of these religions. And out of these four universal religions the Buddhism in its pure form is a religion highly holy, pure, chaste and an instrument of progress. But naturally as its form has passed its youth it has become weak and has lost its rising influence. In spite of that, in gives much satisfaction to the seekers of the true religion.

20. Question: Which is the best religion out of these four religions?
Answer: It has been said that the religion is one and eternal. Among these four religions there exists the only one eternal spirit. The difference lies only in their form and this is necessary on account of different circumstance and times.

21. Question: Among all these religions which has the best form?
Answer: Why do you not understand that in winter one thing is comfortable and in summer the other? All these religions have done good work in their time, but now, of course, all these have passed their time of separate existence.

22. Question: Then doing away with these religions will any new religion be given to the world?
Answer: These religions will not be dispensed with but they will be united and this will be done by the religion of love which will put on a roof on these four religious pillars and by setting up other special and helping religions between the pillars will build up arches and in this manner will make a beautiful hall according to the new time.

23. Question: When and who will start this religion?
Answer: Even now, even thyself will start it. But remember thou wilt neither call thyself and Incarnation nor wilt proclaim thyself to be a prophet. Thou art interpreter, Thou shouldst consider thyself the doer of the will of the Eternal and Infinite and all those who will accept this religion will have the same faith about themselves.

24. Question: Om, Deva, Love, Allah, God! I have no wisdom whatever. I have no cleverness to do anything well, how can I start any religion? I even do not know what is the religion of Love?
Answer: By no personal wisdom religion can be started. The shouldst only work according to my order and go on writing my sayings. Even this writing explains the religions of Love and even this is the book of the religion of Love.

25. Question: Love! I have been even of very bad character, my health is also bad, my form is ugly, none of the languages do I know perfectly, nothing can I write well, why dost Thou select me for this work?
Answer: I know more than thou. Thou shalt be a cause of hope for the wicked. Besides, know that I have made formerly some ignorant and ugly beings to be prophets and incarnations and do not forget that thou separately art no doer. In the universe there is only one soul, there is only one God. I alone I am. I alone play all the plays for my pleasure.

26. Question: One! Give me power that I my never see myself separate from thyself. I may consider myself in thee alone.
Answer: The power will be received. Don’t be worried. But to keep up the order of the universe don’t wish to get rid of the law of the body. Ever try to get better and ever continue to serve the human race.

27. Question: Bestow on me the power that I may fulfill my great duty. Doubt and suspicion may not arise in my mind and I may also remove others doubts?
Answers: Don’t worry. Have faith and make others strong in faith.

28. Question: If men should tease me and by making jokes and discussion may try to discredit me then tell me some remedy for that occasion?
Answer: Don’t worry. Those who by showing the intention to learn and understand may wish to hold conversation, try to make them understand and try to impart faith and if ever thou art not able to satisfy them, then must thou not talk more at the time, and afterward take the help of they whole Soul, And those who condescend to make jokes ask pardon of such and be silent and remember that the committers of jokes are also you. You alone, you are. We alone, we are.

29. Question: These days are the time of the scientists-the splitters of hairs. How are they to be satisfied about Thy presence and about the truth of the universe, and how can they be made to accept the religion of Love?
Answer: Those who are learned, who are truly philosophers, will understand the good and the bad, the gain and the loss. They know full well the beauty of working together and the nuisance of cooking separate meals for each person. Many such men were themselves expecting the religion, of Love and they will at once accept it. Many are Confused in egoism, pride, and doubts of learning, it is not possible in their present state to make them believe in religion by any form of reasoning. Wait, keeping love with them- It is possible that one day they may think it beneficial for mankind to join the religion of Love. But tell them, who through good intentions try to understand according to science, the principle of absolute unity as expounded in the religion of Love, that is is the teaching of this religion that all that exists is only one. And all the objects as they appear different are the waves even of this absolute one. On account of the difference in motion of these waves, the different objects appear. Besides the difference in motion of different waves there is one objects and even this universal motion or power is specially called God or the whole soul, though verily whatever exists is God alone, because ourselves have made all that is from ourselves. But have faith in this scientific explanation of the religion Love you need not consider necessary. The religion Love only considers this duty of man that he continue to love all, and busy himself in bettering mankind. So long as any one performs this duty he fulfills the object of the religion of Love.

30. Question: In these days many irreligious have also appeared in the world, they even abhor the name of religion, How is the object of the religion of Love to be expounded to them?
Answer: Tell them that every man lives his civilized life with the assistance of other men. Firstly, without others help, all the articles of comfort and necessity cannot be obtained. Food, clothing, house are got from others’ help. Secondly, by the society and love of mate, off spring and friends their life passed in enjoyment. Not only that if the world is considered even from the world’s standpoint, it becomes clear that one family stands in need of help from another family; one village from another village, one town of another town, one nation of another nation; and one country from another country. By peace and tranquility, and by help of one another, they one and all progress and they one and all obtain comfort, and by giving trouble and pain to one any other, enmity is created, the fire of which burns up the world together with them. This proves that because each one needs another’s help and lays the foundation of civilized life to love one another is a great necessity and even to love all is the religion of Love.

31. Question: Many Hindoos and Buddishts can say what this fundamental principle of the religion of Love:- that all is God, alone God is, is wrong. in fact, the fact is that God and the souls are eternal. Souls live in God. Souls getting out of God take up the forms of men and then according to actions go on receiving the fruits of actions. According to the fruits of actions they receive hell or heaven or transmigrate into bodies and on acquiring the highest perfection uniting with God obtain liberation- to such speakers how is the religion of Love to be expounded?
Answer: Say- The fundamental principle of the religion of Love is Love, which has been believed in by all the holy religions of India. At a certain place it is explained in the words that not to give pain to anybody is the highest religion and at a certain place the principle of Love has been taught by teaching divine Love and mercy and by expressing respect for common earth and Learning. – Secondly, their descriptions of the creation of the universe is the same as it is related by the religion of Love. The difference lies only in words. For instance, if in the place of soul you understand wave, then the problem of soul get solved. By expounding liberation- Moksha or Nirwana, they have explained that in reality all is one alone; because what do you not know that things of one type only can get totally united? Heaven and hell are names of pleasure and pain in the universe nd the continuation of life is called transmigration. If you will see with such deep contemplation then you will find no difference. But you should never fall in useless discussions, it is better to keep yourself and your neightbours engaged in the service of mankind.

32. Question: Mussulmans and Christians will say, we do not believe in the transmigration of souls. we come only for this life and on the day of judgement we will enter heaven and those who are not of our religion will fall in to hell. This teaching of the religion of Love that everything is God and heathens are also to be considered as brothers, we can not accept. How are these to be satisfied?
Answer: The religious principle is the same. They say: Besides God there was nothing and He himself created this universe, by saying that they have proved that He alone, He is. Then taking the whole period of the universe as one life the second state is considered by them as heaven and hell is the special description of that serve pain which has to be borne at the end of the universe in removing the remnant of evil. By the order to show mercy and never to be cruel, the service of mankind is taught and you should understand that “Kufr” or heathenism, that is to say, to avoid evil and to serve mankind is also the religion of Love.

33. Question: Objection can be raised that if all are one why the pain of one person is not felt by another?
Answer: Say- On account of the order of things the pain of others can not be felt as one’s own. Pain of the hand is felt in the hand and by one’s own self, in the foot only an uneasiness can be felt but as a rule the pain of hand is not felt in foot. To feel mercy is to be uneasy at the pain of another part of one’s great self. Of course those who on account of evil have become stunned they do not even suffer uneasiness.

34. Question: It can be said if all are one, how can one punish one’s own self?
Answer: Without doubt. All is one, alone one is. One alone for his own pleasure has manifested himself in the order or form of the universe. Man who is the most advanced among all the creatures is adorned by the absolute wisdom. Moreover, man is free to act according to the laws of the universe. But by certain actions of man the only universal soul derives pleasure and by his certain actions, the absolute soul suffers pain. Therefore to get rid of pain and to enjoy pleasure, verily, the evil is washed away by means of punishment. Do you not see that you yourself, to save your hand to enjoy pleasure of life cut away your rotten finger? But because everything is one, punishment is given in case of absolute necessity, and that also far as feasible by all possible loving means.

35. Question: Why one is born rich another poor, one in comfort and another in trouble?
Answer: Then universe has been likened to waves. And in waves one wave creates the other. According to the first wave the second is created. Riches, poverty, comfort and pain, which are inherited by birth, are all due to past actions.

36. Question: Is there any life before or after this present life? and does the influence of this present life remain after it?
Answer: It has been pointed out that every man is a wave of the universe; this wave starts in some form the beginning of the universe and in some form or other continues to the end of the universe. And the life of every man is the crest of a wave and death is only a name of the hollow of a wave. From this it is evident that this tiny life of yours is an extremely small link in the life chain of the universe, which endures billions of years, so before and after every tiny life there is practically infinite life. And as according to one crest and hollow of a wave the other crest and hollow of the wave is formed, of course even according to the present state, the future process of the wave will continue, that is, the influence of this present life shall surely fall on the future lives. But to indulge in these discussions is not at all necessary for a religious man. For him it is sufficient to know that every man is My part and I am eternal. I only expect this from man that he shall always continue to engage himself in such thoughts and actions which can bestow happiness on Me. My happiness consists in the well being of the universe and the well bring of the universe is effected by acting of Love.

37. Question: In what way is the reward or punishment given?
Answer: If your realize yourself in me and myself in you and have complete faith in this then you should also believe that your every thought and action influences me. Your every evil makes me grieved and your every goodness makes me happy and you also feel the pain and the pleasure and this cycle of pain and pleasure continues in the whole period of the universe, and at the end of the universe according to your remnant evil or goodness you have either to repent bitterly or enjoy immense pleasure and after wards getting united together attain the perfect. rest.

38. Question: It is seen that some time even good men have to suffer extreme pain, why is it so?
Answer: They are eximed and passing successfully through the trial of trouble obtain great comfort but those who give trouble to good persons suffer great punishment in future.

39. Question: What is goodness and what is evil?
Answer: To think and act according to religion, to think all others like one’s own self, to have love for all, not to give pain to anybody, not to think or do any act which may cause harm or injury to mankind, always to keep ones self engaged in such thought and action which may improve the human race, in short to spend one’s life for the betterment of mankind is goodness for man and whatever is against it is evil for every man.

40. Question: How is man to get better?
Answer: By having good society, by reading and writing on good subjects, by traveling and voyaging, by acquiring experience, by always being busy in good thoughts and good actions, man can become good and it is also necessary to remember that to sit idle is sinful and to think bad thoughts or to do evil is extremely sinful. At different places keep such writings or articles that you shun idleness and good thoughts may come into your mind and to leave off evil and to do good ask the help of your good friends.

41. Question: Is it sinful to rest?
Answer: After work rest is a duty. But while resting except when asleep, one should spend him time in good thoughts, good conversation or in some good activity, and one should try not to dream but if dreams do come one should try to have only good ones.

42. Question: If some one who has committed the worst sins for his whole life upon receiving enlightenment bitterly repents and asks pardon for his past sins, will his sin be forgiven?
Answer: Without doubts, if even the worst sinner asks pardon for his sins and resolves not to commit sin in future then all his past sins are forgiven at once, because when one resolves to leave off sin I derive immense pleasure, and he who resolves to be better and asks pardon for sins, becomes better. But remember, that only on true resolution to leave off evil and on asking pardon from the bottom of the heart are all sins pardoned, otherwise according to the degree of sincerity of a resolution and prayers for pardon are the sins forgiven.

43. Question: What is the sign that one’s sins are pardoned ?
Answer: Whenever any one asks pardon for his sins from the bottom of his heart, and resolves in the future never to repeat sin, his sins are most certainly forgiven. But the sign that he has been forgiven, and of his real resolve to be better in future, is that he then tries his best to do good, and completely engages himself in the service of mankind. He who lacks in making the real resolve and in asking sincerely for forgiveness lacks in serving the human race.

44. Question: What will be apparent signs of a for owner of the religion of Love, that is, what sort of dress will he wear, what sort of beard and mustache will be have or will he put a special mark on his forehead or by some special token or way of saluting will he show himself to be a follower?
Answer: There will be no apparent sign of a follower of Truth. By having an apparent sign he will not lose the spirit. A true follower will be recognized only by the fact that he will ever be ready to help people in trouble and what ever service he will be able to do he shall surely do. To put a religious mark on the forehead, to put on a sacred thread, to get circumcised or to wear his hair in any special manner, he will consider unnecessary from the religious standpoint, and he will remain free from every superfluous religious formality; but in whatever, place or country he shall be living, keeping always simple-ness and health in mind, he shall dress and fashion himself according to the place he is in. And every one will be salute as an equal in a manner which pleases the other. However, if there be no objection from the other party, say “Love”, by way of solution. It is preferable.

45. Question: In what manner should help be given to people in trouble?
Answer: Know ye that now it is not right to help and serve separately. It is advisable that in every village and in different parts of towns there should be such societies or branches of a big society which may help people in trouble and every one of you should take part in such societies. But, if in any place you see anybody in difficulty and no society is helping him, then you should at once either entrust him to a society or help him yourself. In places where there are no societies try to found one.

46. Question: Should a follower of the religion of Love do the work of the world such as farming, trading serving &c.?
Answer: Why not? They should certainly be done, and should not be considered contemptible. They are in reality realigious. All works which supply the absolute necessities of man, such as simple food, necessary clothing, articles necessary for shelter or help man in keeping up health or satisfy the religious wants of the heart and brain, are holy, religious works and these should be performed from a religious standpoint, and not through deceit of egoism or sensuality; that is to say, the object of these works should be the betterment and necessary comfort of mankind, and not the personal benefit of any one. By means of cheating, fraud and falsehood, or theft, and plunder wealth should not be earned. Whatever be the income got through honesty and wisdom, after providing for one’s own absolute necessities, the rest should be spent for the good of mankind and as far as possible all works should be done jointly, to work jointly is a religious principle.

47. Question: Will there be no fixed amount of charity, or alms in the religion of Love?
Answer: The teaching of the religion of Love is that you should not consider anything as belonging to yourself. Whatever you may happen to possess, consider it as only in trust from God. You can not spend anything from if unreasonably for yourself nor can you spend for others in such a way-that mankind may not be benefited. Of course for expenses of religious and service societies and the temples or churches of Love, it will be incumbent on every Lover to give on twentieth of his weekly, monthly or yearly income. But without doubt it is a religious duty to spend for the absolute necessities of one’s self and mate and to give training to one’s offspring so that they may turn out to be good servants of mankind. And to pay taxes to one’s national government for national expenses according to national law is necessary, and this also in fact is charity. The remnant left after the necessary expenses, one can spend for mankind as one wishes; after all, the whole wealth belongs to mankind.

48. Question: To whom should be given the expenses for societies and temples or churches, and if any one is in a position to give more than the necessary expenses, to whom should that money be entrusted?
Answer: The expenses for societies and churches should in all cases be given to the religious society, what ever more be spent for mankind after leaving off the special cases and necessity, should be spent in the improvement of science, agriculture manufacture or trade or should be instructed to the religious society or to one’s own national government. By giving public money to any one person evil is bred and mankind suffers.

49. Question: Of what sort will be the religious society and where will it be?
Answer: In each and every place there should be a religious society consisting of the local religious population and to control these societies there should be higher societies there should be in each country and all-country society and to unite and to control all the country societies there should be one religious society for the whole world and in this shall join, according to the religious population and without prejudice of colour societies. Or you may say that the world religious society shall have its branches in each and every place.

50. Question: What will be the duty of the religious societies?
Answer: The religious societies should manage the churches of Love, should propagate the religion of love and by establishing, according to needs, the service or helping societies in towns and villages, through them by all possible means the improvement of health and learning of mankind should be effected and necessities of men in trouble should be removed and wherever, if by any means, any people may be ill treated then they should be helped by all possible loving means.

51. Question: What sort of church will the religion of Love be?
Answer: The church of Love shall be a room big enough for the demand. In it there shall be placed, without prejudice, along with the book of the religion of Love, the special books of other religions and there will be also a library of ordinary religious books. Secondly, besides the instruments & c. of music, there shall be extremely simple religious furniture for comfort and decoration, but there shall be no article of worship nor in any case shall anyone bow before any object. A disciple of the Religion of Love bows to nothing except his own absolute soul. All people without any objection or obstacle will be allowed to come into this church and all together will sing religious songs, that is to say, will sing songs which are in keeping with the thoughts of the religion of Love and will perform the meditation of Love, and hear religious lectures. Here loving lectures will be delivered on all religions. Near this room, according to demand the places of worship of other religions can also be built. For example, a Muslim mosque, a Christian church, a Buddhist temple or a Hindu Pantheon.

52. Question: What is meant by performing the meditation of Love?
Answer: First, it should be said with contemplation: “Om, Deva, Love Allah God! In all places Thou alone Thou art. Whatever is seen, or is not seen whatever is-it is even Thy body, even Thy soul even Thy glory-all is one, one alone. I am in Thee and all other persons are in Thee. All of us are the parts of one. Among all of us there should exist such love as there exists between one part of the body and the other, Love alone is the whole religion. O infinite Love! Let me not part from this knowledge and never let me fall in to the traps of egoism or sensuality, neither may I have false love nor an ambition of honour or wealth. May I never speak falsehood, never may I have unreasonable anger, Eternal Love! I, acting according to religion, may remain quite fearless. Justice, truth, kindness and forgiveness may keep my heart enlightened. I may ever do service to mankind and may all people do the same.” After this realize that you exist in absolute God and all other human beings are in God. Then try to understand in mind that to keep love with all is your duty. Think carefully whether from the time of the last meditation of Love till now you have committed any unloving act, that is to say any act against the religion of Love and if you have committed any unloving act, ask pardon from the bottom of your heart, and ask the help of God to protect you from evil. For those good actions which you have performed during this interval thank God. In the end feel yourself happy and happy God-because when you perform such a meditation I surely enjoy and it is My solemn promise to all the servants of mankind that whatever might have been their past actions if they will meditate thus and from their side will try their best to act according to the spirit of this meditation they shall ever remain happy in me. There is no doubt it.-Remember this.

53. Question: What will be the form of worship according to the religion of Love?
Answer: For a follower of Truth who will call himself a servant of mankind, it will be his unavoidable duty to give an account of his time every morning and evening. After morning necessities and before sleeping he will think or write how he has spent his time from the last account of time up till now, and will make a programme from the next period of time and will contemplate how much time he has spent in religious service, that is, service of mankind, from the last account of time up till now and how much time he wants to spend in the service of mankind up to the next accounting of time. And he will ask pardon for the time spent uselessly and in vain, and will wish that he may never waste time in the future and for the well spent time he will thank his whole soul. After this, he shall perform the meditation of Love. Then he must read a little from this book of the religion of Love, and if he should be so inclined he can also read from other religious books, and along with his companions can sing religious songs. Besides the daily worship, it will also be an unavoidable duty of a follower that once a week at least he shall go into the church of Love in company with others and sing religious songs meditate and hear religious lectures. The religion of Love allows this freedom that whoever so desires may pray to ME along with his companions according to Muslim, Christian, Buddha or Hindoo systems in their worshiping places. Not only that whoever may desire can pray to me and worship according to Sikh, Bahai or other forms of religion or according to Judaism, Shintoism & c. or many worship ME according to all these at different occasions or may not worship according to any of these, because the unavoidable duty for a servant of mankind is to worship daily according to the religion of Love.

54. Question: What sort of religions are Sikh and Bahai and what are other forms of religions?
Answer: Sikh sect. Brahmo creed, Bahai religion and the Theosophical societies have so prepared the world that the religion of Love has appeared to day in this form and for this reason there is a special relation of the religion of Love with these good religions or societies and besides these there are and there shall be many modern shoots of old religious forms to remedy evil in a certain line.

55. Question: What sort of religions are Judaism, Shintoism &c. ?
Answer: The religion of the Israilists and the Parsees are the first issues of Ancient Hindoo religion and these appeared for special nations and countries under special circumstances. These did great service in their times. In the same manner the old off springs of old Hindoo religion are Confucism and Shintoism &c. Which also served the different nations in their time. However, an account of time, in all these, changes have appeared and they have lost their old purity.

56. Question: In many religion it is religious to have faith in the ancestors, what does the religion of Love say about it?
Answer: By remembering the good ancestors much benefit is derived from their lives. But to consider the dead ancestors like the living persons and to ask help of them for any work or to carry their rememberence up to the level of worship is pure ignorance because I alone I am in you.

57. Question: The religions have also prescribed certain forms of absolution and bath, what rules does the religion of Love lay down in this connection?
Answer: Bath, wash, absolution &c. are for cleanliness, and cleanliness is for health. In whatever manner health is benefited even in that way perform absolutions and take baths, and to keep health act according to the best possible principles of health. To keep health is the first advice. Health does not only benefit this short life but by the good health of man the universe is benefited. The absolute soul derives pleasure.

58. Question: What will be the holy places or the places of pilgrimage according to the religion of Love?
Answer: In one way the whole universe is holy. In all places I alone I am and secondly by visiting the different places of pilgrimage of all the religions and the centres of civilization one’s knowledge is improved. But we will tell you live special places: Brindaban, Budh Gaya, Jerusalem, Mecca and the centre of Religious society of the whole world, that is where the Religious society of Love for the whole world may keep its headquaters. In no case there should exist two centers at one time and never in any of these places should anything be considered an object of worship. But a visit to these places, or to any one of these, should bestow special experience.

59. Question: How to propagate the religion of Love?
Answer: By extremely loving and holy means, by means of papers, lectures and books, by means of meeting shools and service societies, by means of special servants of mankind, churches and religious societies, by conversations, reasoning and by one’s own truthfulness. But in no case can the religion of Love be propagated by compulsion, cruelty or giving pain. It should be remembered that if you are able to make a follower of one religion friendly towards another religion then you have done a special service to the religion of Love.

60. Question When one joins the religion of Love what should he do at the time?
Answer: He should be happy and he should feel that he enters a new life. He should collect friends and acquaintances and offer light food. And after some religious songs he should say publicly with a loud voice: “In all places Thou alone, Thou art, Love alone is the whole religion. From this movement I have become a follower of the religion of Love or a servant of mankind. From this movement I shall see in every place one alone one and with all shall I have love. I promise before the representatives of mankind that I shall ever be ready to serve the human race and whatever service I shall be able to do I shall surely d.” After this shall you act according to the weekly service and afterward singing your above promise and taking on it four witness of friends or good people, it should be sent to a religious society so that your name be registered and according to necessity you may be asked to perform religious service. And so long as no religious society is established, thou thyself act as a religious society.

61. Question: Should a follower of the religion of Love marry or not?
Answer: To marry is an important duty because to create offpring is a special duty. It is necessary that you should leave behind in your place good servants of mankind. If you are ill and you know that you can not give birth to offspring or you will breed sickly offspring or if your mind is so against marriage that you have a religious dread that by marriage you will only harm mankind and will not benefit it, then surely you should not marry. In that case you should give up yourself entirely to mankind and should not leave property to your relations.

62. Question: How many wives can a follower of the religion of Love keep?
Answer: Woman is as much a follower as man. Religion now enjoys that only one woman and one man should live together. Except one’s own mate, to use any one in any case for sexual purposes is extremely sinful.

63. Question: What are the rights of woman?
Answer: The rights of woman and man are perfectly equal. Whenever we use the word man in general sense or follower of religion we equally mean man and woman. We well know that often in many places cruelty is practiced over woman in different forms. In certain places she is shut up in four walls, in some places she is considered as a salve to man, in certain places she is deprived of her parental property, in some places she is barred from marriage in case of widowhood, in certain places she is made useless with too much respect, in some places she is deprived of her national rights. Now these things a follower of Truth will never do. He will do his best to help woman to get equal rights in the eye of law, and he shall pity them who, out of ignorance, follow the time worn customs, and shall try by loving means to explain to them the rights of woman.

64. Question: Often in religion it is also related that at the birth of a child, at the time of marriage or on the occasion of death, such and such rites should be observed, what does the religion of Love ordain in this connection?
Answer: When the child attains the age of three months, at the time of marriage and after the death of a near relation, the friends and accuaintances should be invited and after offering some light food, according to the system of weekly prayer music, meditation and lectures should be held. The name should be given by the house holder himself. On the occasion of marriage, woman and man themselves should declare publicly their marriage vow and on anybody’s death neither shall their be any change in the religious ceremony nor should much mourning be expressed. Of course to burn the dead in a decent way is preferable and to have the birth, marriage and death legally registered is necessary. But in no case should Mullah, Brahman or special servant of mankind be given a special hand in the ceremonies nor in any case should much money be spent.

65. Question: What will be the vow of marriage?
Answer: Woman and man will say this publicly with a loud voice: “In all places Thou alone Thou art, Love alone is the whole religion. O! The representatives of mankind! We promise in your presence, that we shall keep complete love with each other and will try our best to act according to the religion of Love. We have come together for the good of mankind and we hope that together we may be able to do some real service”.

66. Question: In case some one may not agree to marry according to the system of the religion of Love, then can a follower of the religion of Love marry that one?
Answer: Certainly. The religion of Love grants freedom. In whatever manner the other should desire. Even in that way can a follower of the religion of Love marry that one, and he or she without any consideration of nation, race, caste, creed, religion, faith. Poverty or wealth can marry any one whom he or she may like. Only among the marry and the consideration of the character of the other party is absolutely necessary.

67. Question: What are the rights of one another in a couple?
Answer: To love all is a religious duty but in a couple which is specially formed for religious service there should exist special love and in all possible manner each should help the other for the religious progress. Know that a couple is the fundamental, and the complete division of the universe, that is to say, the whole universe is founded on the couple system. The rights as regards property of one another will be protected by national law the decision of the religious society will be right.

68. Question: In case husband and wife may not be able to live together what should be done in that case?
Answer: If married woman and man can not live together for one reason or other and if they or even one of them get convinced that their living together is not beneficial for the human race, then it is advisable, that they separate according to the national law. The law of course shall protect their rights as regards property and will give them liberty to marry again. In case of absence of national law the religious society will formulate the rules and regulations which should always be according to time.

69. Question: What are the rights of boys and girls?
Answer: The rights of boys and girls are equal. It is the duty of the parents to give them the best possible training and education. The parents should make them wise and faithful servants of mankind. In case parents are not present or if they can not accomplish their duty well, then it is the duty of nation to make arrangements for the education and training of the children and if the nation also can not do its duty, then the religious society shall do the duty of the nation. The property rights of the children shall be protected by the national law and in case of the absence of national law the religious society shall protect the rights of the children.

70. Question: What are the rights of mother and father?
Answer: It is incumbent upon children to regard their parents with extreme respect and according to their needs serve them whole-heartedly. A nation should also have regard for old people as for elder brother and sister and according to demand, there should be made arrangements for the service of old women and men. There property rights should be protected by the national law, and in case of the absence of national law, the religious society will expound their rights.

71. Question? Often such laws exist in religions that the property should be thus divided-on the death of such and such, such and such should receive wealth, what will be the laws according to the religion of Love for the division of property?
Answer: In old times when mankind was dependent on its religious books for all kinds of laws and the different sciences they had to be regulated in religious books, but now, when mankind has attained the age of maturity and can correct its own laws and can make discoveries in different sciences by studying them thoroughly. It is not now necessary, that by expounding them her the sciences or laws be fattered. Every nation or government in consulation with the whole nation should ever continue to make according to time the best possible national laws for itself and at the same time progress should ever be made in all sciences. This should however ever be kept in view that wealth may remain evenly divided and that every one could procure wealth according to his absolute needs. And considering the rights of all men and women to be equal, the loving law should ever be in force. And ever without th least prejudice all sciences should be well studied and all should have opportunities for acquiring the highest perfection in science.

72. Question: What is the legal punishment for adultery, falsehood, deceit, cheating, quarrelling, rioting, theft, robbery, wickedness, wounding anybody in body or mind, murder, suicide or for intention to commit any of these crimes?
Answer: These and such evils are social crimes and religious sins. You have been told that now that mankind has attained the age of maturity every nation or government has the right for its benefit to frame loving laws according to time with the advice of all, that is with the advice of the representatives of the whole nation, and by saving the nation from evil may ever continue to progress. The religion of Love by telling you the religious duty holds you back from evil. It expounds to you that by seeing ME in every place and by knowing God alone God, and by having true and pure love for all you receive the very highest religious reward, you get the highest happiness. Thru improper egoism and sensuality men become entangled in ambition for honours and wealth and false love they show man pleasure in wickedness, teach men pride, cause man to speak lies, make man to be envious and jealous, and when one is disappointed or an obstacle appears in the course of desire, it is through egoism or sensuality that anger or despair is produced which causes man to quarrel, riot, murder, suicide or to have the intention for these crimes. And the false love or ambition for honour and wealth are the roots of cheating, deceit, theft and robbery. The religion of Love by telling you that you are part of God explains to you that it is extremely wrong for you to commit evil, by doing so you may be disease of God or may give me pain. It is your duty to realize the holy one absolute God-to know the truth about the universe. You should have love for all. Keeping your health and daily progressing in learning you should keep yourself occupied with the service of mankind-and again you should never forget that alone you are nothing because one God alone God is. Your every thought and action effects me. And ever believe that to commit adultery is extremely sinful and do not forget that seed is only produced to produce children. Think and act according to justice, truthfulness, kindness and forgiveness. Recognize the equal rights of all. Be happy seeing the others’ gain. Feel pain buy seeing others’ unreasonable loss. Believing others your own brothers have confidence in them and whatever your promise fulfil it without fail. Be polite to all. Seeing any one in difficulty help him. Always be patient. Do not feel your own pain. You must bear abuses and anger to a certain extent. Acting according to religion, be fearless. And keep your own mind always happy. Believing wealth to be a trust from God, spend it properly. Pay the charitable duty. And in no case should you spend less or more. You should ever remember the religious principles and orders. You should ever strengthen the power of your memory. You should take lesson from every one and every thing. You should acquire the habbit of concentrating your mind on one subject. You should not leave work half done but carry it out to a finish. You should benefit others by your learning and experience. Pray daily. Keep account of time. Do loving meditation. Continue to read the words of Love. Continue to go in the church of Love. Go on pilgrimage. Visit holy places and travel about. Take to the society of good people. Read and write good subjects. Remember good people and good thing. If you may happen to do any evil, if you may happen to do something against religion, then you should at once ask pardon for it and resolve to avoid that evil in future. Ask help of your only self to become good. If you will continue to do thus and always will believe that I am every where-in light and darkness, in and out, in all places I am-I am ever looking at the spirit of your mind what ever you may bring into your mind, whatever you may do in any place-I know it. If remembering this you will continue to obey the instruction of religion, in that-case you will neither be sinners according to religion, nor will you commit crime against social law, you will be happy now and in future and will keep me happy.

73. Question: Is it allowed to use intoxicating things and to play on bet?
Answer: These often lay the foundation of crime according to social law and of sin according to religion. It is incumbent on a nation that in no case should it allow these to take root, otherwise severe loss will have to be borne. Religion also tells you that intoxication and gambling extremely bad. These very often increase and when they increase they make men entirely irreligious. Therefore, it is ordained not to do then in any case.

74. Question: Is it lawful according to the religion of Love, to eat flesh and what other things are allowed to be eaten and what are prohibited?
Answer: Those who do not eat flesh surely do right. The eating of flesh without necessity makes the highest power of kindness in man dirty. But eating of flesh can not entirely be prohibited, so that you may not create quarrels among men for the sake of animals. You can not see a flesh eater with contempt, you should eat with him and should not boycott him. And know that only those things are prohibited which are harmful to health and those things permissible which are beneficial to health.

75. Question: In many religion, sacrifices are also mentioned. For example at the time of “Eed-I-Kurbani” or “Naudurga”. What does the religion of Love say about sacrifices?
Answer: In memory of stopping of human sacrifice is the “Eed-I-Kurbani” and in memory of the punishment given to the enemies of the human race is “Naudurga”.-Religion has always been lessening the pain. Now instead of animal sacrifices you are asked to sacrifice your evil. In the first instance do not make any one your enemy. In case some ome may become your enemy then in memory of days of sacrifices on a day of sacrifices sacrificing the enmity, meet and sit together and become friends for the future.

76. Question: In case there be any danger to man from any living beings what should be done then?
Answer: Whenever there be danger for man of ill health or death from any kind of living beings, or their presence may be harmful to the absolute necessities of man, in that case man can remove them and can even kill them in his own defence. After all man is the highest form of creation and defence is the religious law. But man without substancial reason, should not consider his necessities such that on that account pain be given to animals, or they killed without good reason.

77. Question: Festivals or the days of happiness and mourning are also observed in religions. What are the special day according to the religion of Love?
Answer: There is no special day in the religion of Love. Of course there is no day of mourning according to the religion and the days of happiness are even all the days. A follower of the religion of Love however, can observe happy festivals along with his nation or government or along with his neighbours, but in no case should the festivals be too numerous because too many festivals become a hindrance in duties.

78. Question: Often in religions, fasting is laid down as a duty-What will be the fastings according to the religion of Love?
Answer: The religion of Love does not ordain fasting as a necessary practice but it tells you to eat and drink simple and proper food, so that health may not be spoilt and heart and brain may remain fresh. Along with your neighbours, however you can observe a few fasts in memory of your good ancestors, or at the time of old special fasts, but you may not keep any such fast during which you may not eat and drink sufficiently once in twenty four hours.

79. Question: People of several religions consider some days to be good and some days to be bad and take into consideration omens &c. What does the religion of Love say about this?
Answer: In religion there is no consideration at all of omens and of days. If your religious faith is firm, then no object in the universe can give you real loss. When faith is weak then superstition attacks man. Whenever you doubt or fear, remember you are part of God, that there is nothing besides God. Who can then give you pain or loss, when a healthy bath is necessary, or he examines you by pain and loss when you have made a certain progress. Loss and pain is that bath for you which makes you clean from those evils that you had committed and if pain and loss is an examination for you, then do qualify yourself for higher rewards according to the result of examination. And you should never forget that death itself is a necessity of body. To fear death is to become irreligious. A religious man does his duty every day and at every time and his duty alone he keeps in mind.

80. Question: Are there no gods and angels or demons, ghosts and spirits?
Answer: Religion in old time has chiefly declared the good qualities of man as gods or angels and the evils of man have been called demons, spirits, genii and satan, or organs of sense and actions. And often beneficial things and certain people have also been called gods and angels and in certain cases certain people and harmful things have been given such names. But now you have been told that man is the highest form of creation and the dead are in no case the objects of worship or fear. And having love for all men, to conquer the evils of man and to promote virtue, is the religious duty. And even this is religion.

81.    Question: What are the prophets and incarnations?
Answer: In the universe there is one, alone one. Incarnations and prophets are in a way the same. If there is any difference it lies in the fact that with incarnation my name is specially associated and with prophets I am considered to have another relation. Otherwise by both these names according to place and time the absolute God even I tried to make the world better. Whenever and wherever the necessity arises I create the special religious teachings from the beginning of the universe the special religious teachings has been given up to the end of the universe it will be continued to be given.

82. Question: If forever special religious teaching shall be continued to be given, then why do the incarnations and prophets not appear now?
Answer: The work which had been taken separately by these names is being taken by the religion of Love and in the same manner shall ever be taken. But these names shall not be used in future because the series of incarnations and prophets have ended. Lord Buddha was the last incarnation and the holy Mohemmed is the last prophet, and now as mankind has attained the age of maturity, you are taught that all of you are incarnations and all of you are prophets. Only on account of your evil, you fancy that you are separate from me and so you even become my disease.

83. Question: In what way will it be the duty of the followers of the religion of Love to show me respect?
Answer: All the followers should accept thee as the interpreter of the religion of Love. But they should consider thee a human being like themselves and should know thee as their brother. Under no circumstances should thy statue or picture be honoured and nor should any person pray for anything through thee, because I am the only one absolute God, who gives every one reward or punishment according to his actions, and on praying for help do I help.

84.    Question: What will be the position of my descendants?
Answer: The followers of the religion of Love should in no case and under no circumstances make thy descendants or the descendants of the special servants of mankind or any important person holy. The human race has suffered a good deal on account of this fact, that a son of a teacher or a priest has declared himself teacher or priest. In all cases you should have regard only for the present personal goodness or evil of every one.

85. Question: Will there be any special servants of mankind according to the religion of Love/?
Answer: It is necessary to have some special people for the management of religious or service societies, and the temples of Love, and these shall be those men and women who, leaving their, children and property, present themselves to religion, alone or with the mate, for religious service, and these should be called special servants of mankind. But remember that without the permission of religious society no one can become a special servant of his own according and always only the proper people should be allowed to enter this order and their number should not be allowed to increase over a certain limit.

86. Question: What will be the duties of the special servants of mankind ?
Answer: According to the order of religious society keeping their health and improving their education they should work for religious and service societies, they should keep the management of churches and they should propagate the religion of Love.

87. Question: What will be the rights of the special servants of mankind?
Answer: They should never be the proprietors of any property. They shall get according to their needs, allowance from the religious treasury. They could not ask money for themselves from any one. They will ever remain engaged in religious service. They shall be considered the special servants of mankind. You should respect them as your elder brothers or elder sisters. But in no ease should you regard them as the “Brahmans” of the Hindoos or “Saiyads” of the Musulmans. When all is one-all are equal. Work is only divided to keep up the order of the universe.

88. Question: Brahmans, Saiyads, priests, bishops, Mullah &c. will surely say that they should be regarded as great men-they should be regarded as fathers and not as brothers! How should a follower of the religion of Love behave towards them?
Answer: It is the duty of a servant of mankind to love all. He should love them too, and all such who may be good who may be doing some real service to mankind should be respected as your elder brothers or as the special servants of mankind in the religion of Love and to the rest you should show love as to all other human beings. In no case however should you show any of them undue respect as at present, because all men are equal and order is simply for the benefit of mankind and in the benefit of mankind is My pleasure.

89. Question: What? should not even the castes and classes be observed?
Answer: Entirely against the religion of Love is it to observe the castes or the classes, and to have hatred between nations. A follower can never recognize castes or classes and under no circumstance can he regard any nation with special respect or contempt. You should meet and mix with every one, you should eat and drink with all. Yes, in case, according to the rules of health, it should be necessary to avoid his company of a certain person, then you can avoid his company to a certain extent, but even serve him if it be necessary.

90. Question: If the servants of mankind be oppressed in any country or under any government, they may be cruelly treated, then what should they do?
Answer: To suffer for the sake of religion is the greatest virtue. To convince people by one’s own service and truthfulness is the greatest religious service. The most opulent reward is only for those who living among the enemies make them friends because I derive the extreme joy when enmity is allayed.

91. Question: What should be done if a nation or government become an enemy of another nation or government, and becomes aggressive?
Answer: Every nation or government, having love for all nations or governments, should keep itself in such good condition that no nation or government may even think of invading it, and in case any one should invade, then considering one’s own defence a religious duty, should face the enemy whole heartedly. But no religious nation shall be the invading party and it itself shall not take up arms unless the other party becomes aggressive. Religious nations or governments wars or quarrels. And you should ever keep yourself engaged in the noble work of keeping calm and peace throughout mankind.

92. Question: How should those nations act which are even at present over or under one another or which may in future come over or under one another under unavoidable circumstances?
Answer: They should have loving behaviour with one another. They should have intermarriages and inter dining among themselves. All should receive equal rights. In short, it should be fully tried that nations may mix together because now is the time of nations ‘union. But in case the overpowering nation may not grant equal rights to the overpowered, or if the overpowered nation may not like in any case to mix with the overpowering nation then they should surely get separated. This is a religious duty. And to remove with love each and every obstacle from the way of religious duty is incumbent upon every religious man.

93. Question: What should be the mode of administration of a nation?
Answer: Every nation? Answer: Every nation is free to have for its benefit according to its circumstances either monarchy or peoples’ government. But in all cases the whole nation should direct all the national questions. Having regard for all mankind, the national laws should be framed, keeping in view the good of the whole mankind, relations with other nations should be established.

94. Question: In case a few people out of a nation or state, taking the reins of government in their own hands, may oppress their own brothers and sisters, may use the government for their own purposes and may injure the interest of their own nation, then what will be the duty of tersest of the people?
Answer: In the first instance, brother and sisters should bear lightly the oppression of their own brothers and sisters. “Nations which develop acute internal disputes soon die”, remembering this, neither should you oppress your own brothers and sisters nor should you try to remove oppression by fighting and quarrelling. It is the duty of all the followers of the religion of Love, that they in every case, having regard for progress and the prosperity of the whole mankind shall fully serve their nation or state and in no case should they oppress anybody for the sake of their personal benefit, which is extremely temporary or for the sake of egoistic idea of religion. To all should the servants of mankind give their rights and dues. All should be considered by the followers of Truth like themselves because all are one.

95. Question: What should be done in case custom comes in the way of religion?
Answer: Custom in nothing worth considering. Those who regard customs in preference to religion, they are not surely religious. Have compassion over them. Explain to them the truth and by loving methods try to make them religious. And you should never in any case do anything against religion. Never should you do anything by which mankind may suffer, nor should your action present a bad model for others.

96. Question: In what languages should the book of the religion of Love be kept?
Answer: Mankind has suffered a good deal by keeping the religious books in special languages. So long as a subject is not understood, no great benefit comes out of its reading or hearing. The book of the religion of Love should be translated into all the common languages and the religion of Love should be presented to the whole of mankind. But remember, that to allay the differences of languages from mankind is also a special religious service.

97. Question: In what language should the book of the religion of Love be kept?
Answer: Mankind has suffered a good deal by keeping the religious books in special languages. So long as a subject is not understood, no great benefit comes out of its reading or hearing. The book of the religion of Love should be translated into all the common languages and the religion of Love should be presented to the whole of mankind. But remember, that to allay the differences of languages from mankind is also a special religious service.

98. Question: How should a follower of the religion of Love act in case religion of Love be broken up into pieces and be divided into sects?
Answer: Now, whoever acts according to this book is a follower of the religion of Love, and whoever does not live up to this book, he is not a true follower and the meanings are clear in this book. There need not be two opinions about its meaning. If in any case there should occur differences of opinion among its followers, then the judgement should be asked of a religious society and if there be differences of opinion among religious societies then their higher religious society should judge and all-world religious society should settle all disputes. And because in all-the-world-religious-society there shall be representatives of all the world religious population, divisions in the religion of Love should not occur. But if in any case on account of ignorance, selfishness, or love of personal gain, divisions should come to exist, even then a true follower should love them, considering them his brothers because good or bad are all brothers, and by serving even bad, goodness is goodness.

99 Question: What is the limit for the religion of Love, after this when another religion will appear?
Answer: Religion is of course eternal but the eternal religion does appear in different new forms according to necessity. Whenever the influence of this form of eternal religion of Love will disappear another form of religion will appear, but then that will happen when the present languages will no longer be on the tongues of common people, and so much change will come in the languages that the books of today will be understood with difficulty by great learned people, and this is a very long limit for a form of religion. Followers of truth! You should however remember that even before that time many people will appear who on the basis of a few good things will present new religious systems and some will even denounce your religion, but you must not change your religion of Love for their sayings. Still, however, you must of course be friendly towards all of them and derive lessons from everywhere and to create love all around.

100. Question: The greatest objections will also be that the answers and questions in this book of the religion of Love are in a way as if one man asks and another replies, that the writer asks God replies. It appears that God is some one sitting beside and replies, that is to say, God is present like another human being. How is this objection to be cleared up?
Answer: Ask, whether in your mind questions and answers do not appear? Is it not that when you ask yourself about any subject whether is it so or whether thus should it be done then do you not receive from within yourself two kinds of opinions? One tries to carry you away on the wrong path and one tries to bring you to the correct path. You are yourself the result of the order of the universe or you may consider yourself a soul. The wrong opinion is created out of the unavoidable evil of the creation or you may consider that it comes from satan or you may think it the result of senses and organs and the correct opinion is the will of the universal soul. In whatever proportion you, knowing the truth, are united to the universal soul, according to that the clear opinion of God is hard by you. And say even in this manner, realizing the will of God, it is written here.

101. Question: Love! That is all. It is sufficient. In this manner many small questions or details can be asked and Thou canst explain all according to time by thy infinite knowledge, but as thou hast appointed this book as the chief book of the religion of Love and a chief book of a religion should be small so that every one could remember all its thoughts and support, I shall be contented with it. By thy grace all important questions have come in this book and all other questions so far they are connected with religion can be solved from this book.
Answer: It is quite right.


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